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Welcome to #Accountingin140!
The #Accountingin140 Campaign is designed to bring no-nonsense, plain English definitions to accounting terms which often appear overly complex and incomprehensible to non-accountants.
Disclaimer: While  the #Accountingin140 campaign is designed to offer helpful bites of accounting information, we reserve the right to withdraw any definition which we feel is incomplete or incorrect. All effort and care has been taken to ensure definitions are accurate, however are not designed to be utilised without professional advice and further research. The definitions offered are by no means comprehensive
The latest tweets can be tracked using the hashtag #Accountingin140 and the stream to the right of the page will update itself with the latest tweets.
#Accountingin140 will continue until Friday 2/3/12, after which the campaign will be paused, and all posts will be collected and presented on this page, forming a Plain English Glossary of Accounting.
Please remember, while all effort and care has been taken to offer accurate definitions of terms, do engage in further research and consult a professional if in doubt. The definitions offered are by no means comprehensive.