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Contracting Opportunities growing in NE Scotland

A new jobs report from the Bank of Scotland has shown that contracting opportunities are ever increasing in the NE of Scotland, with more opportunities predicted to come. Last month saw a big increase in opportunities for contractors in Scotland generally, but the North East in particular. Dundee also looks to have some of the most noteworthy increases, according to the banks Report on Jobs.

The Bank of Scotland’s report outlined that this most recent survey highlights how quickly the contractor market in Scotland is improving. In fact, prospects haven’t been this good in the north since May of 2011. The report outlined that it wasn’t just contracting positions that were higher last month. In fact the number of permanent positions filled increased to its highest point in the past eight months, while temporary workers haven’t been in such demand in Scotland since January of 2011. The economy in Scotland is firmly in ‘growth mode’ for the coming year, remarking that a good number of these positions that will drive growth will originate from the oil and gas sector. In fact, independent reports say that there could be as many as 50,000 new job opportunities within the sector in 2013.

Plans to expand existing and create new offshore oil and gas platforms have been prolific of late, driving jobs for the construction and maintenance of these industries. Green energy (renewables) has also been booming in Scotland, with wind farms and offshore wave generators also seen as growth industries.