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Unique Technology


The life of a contractor can be fast paced, and we understand that running a successful Ltd Company should not cause any stress on your personal and professional lives. We work at the forefront of technology and expertise and have developed a unique contractor expenses app, free for all QAccounting clients.

How to Use Our
Expenses App

See below some step-by-step guidance of how to use our popular expenses app for contractors.

Mileage Expenses

How to 
Submit a
Mileage Expense

How to
Submit a
Business Expense

What Can I Claim?

What Are

As a limited company contractor, you will be able to claim expenses for any costs that you incur as a direct result of your business.  These are limited company expenses and common examples of these are travel (mileage/public transport costs), sustenance (lunch, food or drink) and accommodation (hotels etc.) expenses.

As a QAccounting client your Client Manager will be able to advise as to what you can and can’t claim back as a business expense.

Got any

Do you have any questions about business expenses or our unique contractor expenses app? Please feel free to submit your information and a member of our in-house team will be in touch.

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