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Google Ad Campaigns to increase your traffic – what can cats tell us?

The team at FW Accounting are delighted to welcome our guest blogger for today Lewis Bassett of Bassett Providentia.


He sent us this the other day, and we thought it was too good not to share with all of the Freelancers and Contractors out there who are looking to better increase their website traffic with Google Ad campaigns:

Do you keep any cats?

We can learn a lot about marketing from them.
If you pick a cat up and put her on your lap, she’ll just jump off.
But if she jumps on your lap and you push her off, she’ll jump back up!
Cats know what they want. And they know what they don’t want.
If you want a cat on your lap, it has to be her idea.
The same thing applies when you’re marketing for new customers.

We’ve all experienced that guy when networking.
You know, the guy with the alligator smile. Always on the hard sell. Pushes his business card into your hands before you can even say ‘Hi’.
It turns you off.
When your customers find you, the dynamic changes completely.

That’s why I’m such a big fan of Google AdWords.

When someone searches Google for a solution to a problem, and they see your ad and click on it, they are finding you.

It’s their idea.
They’ve invested time and energy to find the solution you offer.
And when you stroke them – metaphorically of course – they’re far more receptive to you.