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The Client Portal


What is the client portal?:

The client portal is an online business tool exclusive to FW Accounting clients that allows you access to your company documents 24 hours a day. Not only can do you get access to useful information such as your current insurance policy, business snapshots and invoices but you can also source information on what expenses can be claimed and other such frequently asked questions.


How can I access the client portal?

The domain for the client portal is


Your username/email address

This will be the preferred email address that FW Accounting send all monthly documents such as business snapshots/invoices/payslips to.


If you can’t remember your password, you just need to request a new password on the portal homepage. When logging in using your temporary password provided, please ensure you type it in as opposed to copying and pasting it from the email. Once you have signed in using the temporary password, please ensure you change the password to one that you will remember.


What information is available on the portal?

Your personal contact details are held here (remember only you can see your portal) – please check and ensure these are accurate. If not, please notify your Account Manager who will update our records and the necessary parties.

FW Accounting Portal - My Details copy

Within the portal you can:

  • Keep a track of your Company’s next VAT and PAYE payment dates
  • Access to frequently asked questions, the most common queries put to us from our clients
  • Access Copies of all Invoices raised by your company
  • Access Copies of all Invoices paid by your company(fees/insurances) to FW Accounting
  • Access Copies of all Payslips
  • Access Copies of all Business Snapshots
  • Access Copies of all VAT return payment reports
  • Access a Copy of any Insurance policies you hold through FW Accounting
  • Access Client Guides – there is a host of guides/factsheets available to view online at any time, providing you with a wealth of information at your fingertips.

Some of the Guides available:

  • Childcare
  • Managing your business account
  • High Income Benefit Guide
  • Directors Responsibilities
  • Director Loans
  • Glossary of Accounting Terms
  • Guide to company owned computers
  • Guide to additional personal tax
  • Business entertainment
  • Fixed Asset expense submission
  • Mobile Phone expense submission
  • Guide to Expense Claim
  • FWA Business Partners

Future Portal Plans?

We are always looking at ways we can enhance your service experience through the portal, our focus is based on your feedback and we are working on providing you with more information at your fingertips. Eventually, all previous years company accounts and personal tax returns submitted to HMRC will be uploaded so you can access/download them at any time.