Accounting has evolved!

To many people, the image they have of an accountant will not be that far removed from your stereotypical view that you have in your head. The humble accountant, the bean-counter who tells you how you’ve done long after the end of the year. Sadly that’s all too often STILL the norm. The vast majority of accountants and accountancy services haven’t evolved. Sure, they’re a bit more savvy, and are big users of technology, but the service and advice they give to clients is, on the whole, stuck back in the last century. It’s not good enough!

Today’s businesses demand (or would if they knew better!) much more from their business advisors. However the accountancy profession is still hanging on to the past, where it was held in high esteem alongside the lawyer, the doctor, and the policeman. It has a language all of its’ own and clients really struggle to understand it. So they just accept what they’re told and don’t know what a good service looks like.

At QAccounting we come from a completely different direction. As experienced entrepreneurs & business-people we put the client first. We don’t do jargon! Yes we have some great accountants & tax guys in our team. That’s a given. But it’s how we deliver our service, and actually what that service is, that means we stand out.

We get to know our clients businesses and using online software we make sure that everyone’s on top of the numbers. But that’s just a part of what we do. We’re also there to mentor our clients, to introduce them to new business opportunities, to network with other clients. We see it as our job to get pro-actively involved in our clients’ businesses. We succeed by them being successful. And we don’t do dull. Take a look at our website and see for yourself. It’s a kick-ass service that you shouldn’t be without. Contact us to find out more!