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Allow QAccounting to perform your self-assessment tax return and enjoy the feeling of tax tranquillity, safe in the knowledge that your personal taxes are completed correctly and on time.
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Self Assessments by QAccounting

If you are a self-employed professional, you may be required to prepare and submit an annual self-assessment. This can often seem like a daunting undertaking, and it is common for anyone concerned about their personal tax to appoint an accountant to take care of your self-assessment preparation and submission for you.

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Why Wait?

It's time to get your self-assessment sorted. Sign up to QAccounting’s fantastic personal tax return service and get your self-assessment sorted this year.

Why Choose QAccounting for your Self-Assessment Tax Return?

We offer individual one-off self-assessment services to anyone in need. Don’t worry if it’s late or early, we will still be able to help you file and submit your personal tax return. We can even sort any previous years’ self-assessments for you to ensure that you remain compliant and keep your head above water with HMRC.

Don’t Leave it to the Last-Minute

It is commonplace for anyone who is required to perform a self-assessment to dread the end of the tax year, fearing a last-minute all-nighter or a last-second panic. This should not be the case! With QAccounting, you can be safe in the knowledge that your self-assessment tax return will be submitted in a timely manner, ensuring that you never have to fear the end of the tax year ever again.

Correct and Accurate Information

If you’ve ever done a self-assessment yourself, you will know that there is a vast amount of information required and all numbers and figures submitted must be accurate, correct, and substantiated. If you have never done a self-assessment yourself, then you must understand the importance of the information that you provide. If you allow QAccounting to perform your self-assessment for you, our trained accountants will ensure that all information and account payments are correct and accurate, avoiding any unnecessary hassle, stress, and issues with HMRC.

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Save Time

Being a business owner, self-employed, or even being a high-rate taxpayer, means that you are no doubt busy running your business or performing hard work on a daily basis. For most busy professionals, there aren’t enough hours in the day to perform your work duties correctly, enjoy a happy personal life, and take care of your taxes at the end of the year.
As a result of this, letting QAccounting perform your self-assessment tax return for you allows you to take control of your time better, with peace of mind that your taxes will be performed and filed correctly, and on time.

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Save Money

Hiring your local accountant to do your personal tax return can be a costly business, especially if you end up paying by the hour. Here at QAccounting we charge one simple fee for the preparation and completion of your self-assessment tax return, and we feel that you can’t say much fairer than that! Also, note that if you choose to perform your tax return yourself, you may miss out on tax saving opportunities a trained accountant may be able to help you utilise.

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Avoid Fines & Penalties

Late or incorrect filing of your self-assessment tax return can result in fines and penalties from HMRC. This is what makes the prospect of submitting your tax return daunting and is a genuine concern of anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable either with their figures or how they have registered for Self-Assessment. Using QAccounting to assist in your self-assessment tax return means that you can operate safe in the knowledge that your tax return is being submitted properly, and you will avoid any fines and penalties from HMRC.

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Expert Accounting Support

Our in-house accountants will work with you to ensure that your self-assessment tax return has been prepared correctly and filed properly. Having accounting and tax experts working with you gives you the knowledge that you are making the most of your personal tax allowances, expenses, and your income. Accountants exist to make your life easier and choosing QAccounting to help take care of your personal tax return will do just that.

What is a Self-Assessment Tax Return?

If you are self-employed, a director of a limited company or you receive any additional income that isn’t taxed at source, you have a requirement to register for Self-Assessment and complete a Self-Assessment tax return. Self-Assessment is administered by HMRC and is the Revenue’s way of ensuring it collects income tax on otherwise untaxed income.

Anyone who is going self-employed or predicts that they will incur any other untaxed income must register for self-assessment with HMRC and at the end of the financial year, is required to prepare and file their personal tax return. Your self-assessment accounts for all additional income incurred throughout the financial year that HMRC has not already taxed you for and requires details of your income/expenditure as well as payment of your tax liability to complete.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your self-assessment tax return, then we can assist in supporting and guiding you to the best outcome possible. Our accountants have filed thousands of self-assessments for customers over the years and are dedicated to ensuring that your accounts are filed on time, and all information is accurately processed. Get a quote easily from QAccounting should you wish for us to perform your self-assessment for you.

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Choose QAccounting for Your Self-Assessment Taxes


Correctly preparing and filing your own self-assessment tax return is no easy feat, especially because you may well be trying to run a business or concentrate on growing your investments throughout the day. The challenge of navigating HMRC’s many Government websites and correctly submitting your tax return on time is something that most business owners would rather do without, and that’s where QAccounting comes in.

In order to submit your tax return correctly, you must accurately input your income and expenses throughout the year, something that having an accountant on board to help you with can be made much easier. Don’t spend unnecessary time agonising about your bookkeeping, instead let an accountant take care of that for you!

By choosing QAccounting as your self assessment accountant, you do away with complicated spreadsheets, and you are not required to out-dance any complicated online software. We will prepare and file your personal tax return on your behalf, whilst still giving you full visibility and control of where your business is and where your finances are. Hiring an accountant will also increase the chances of you making use of your personal tax allowance correctly, as our in-house team will work with you to ensure that you are utilising all your additional income correctly.

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Don’t agonise your personal tax this year, choose QAccounting to help support you and your business. We will alleviate all hassle, administration, and effort from your self-assessment filing, all for one low-cost fee. Get in touch with a QAccounting team member today or get a quick quote to begin your journey to tax tranquillity!

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Stress Free Self-Assessments

Take the stress out of filing your self-assessment this year and trust QAccounting to do it for you! We will work with you to ensure that all information is accurate and accounted for, and you don't miss your deadline dates. Go on, it's easy!

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So many professionals trust us with their self-assessment filing, join them and get peace of mind from your tax return.



Ensure that you remain compliant with HMRC and get your self-assessment taken care of by industry experts.



Liaise with an accountant directly and take advantage of our in-house staff to see how much you can save.



We’re renowned for our tax expertise and accounting prowess. Let our accountants take care of your self-assessment this year.

Frequently Asked Questions

You are required to register for self-assessment and perform an annual self-assessment tax return if you fall under one of the following criteria.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding whether you should file a self-assessment, please let a member of the QAccounting team know. We can provide non-obligation support for anyone looking for guidance and will be very happy to perform your self-assessment for you for a low-cost fee. What are you waiting for? Get in touch today!

QAccounting prices are market leading. We can perform your self-assessment filing for a one-off low-cost fee and will take care of all aspects of preparation and submission on your behalf. Get a quick quote today and get peace of mind when it comes to your taxes.

You can register for self-assessment yourself via the HMRC website, and you should ensure that you do this as soon as you feel that you meet the criteria for self-assessment filing. Once you have navigated the Gov website you will be provided with a unique tax reference number, which is vital to submit your self-assessment at the end of the year.

As soon as you have completed your self-assessment tax return submission with HMRC, you have until 31 January of the following year to pay the tax liabilities due. That means that if you file your tax return in April 2022, you will have until 31 January 2022 to make final payment of your taxes.

Yes of course, you can certainly use QAccounting for your Self-Assessment tax return only, we offer a one-off service perfect for anyone wanting to get their personal tax return sorted. You can get a quick quote for your self-assessment submission easily via our simple online quote engine and will aim to get your self-assessment sorted as soon as we can.

Certainly! We offer tailor made accountancy services meaning that if you wanted to take out a more complete accountancy solution then you can always add on your self-assessment filing for you and any others that require this service. We cater to all sorts of businesses and professionals and can provide our services to almost anyone operating in the UK. Simply get a quote for your accounting services via our quote section and choose to include self-assessment filing.

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