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We are delighted to announce that QAccounting have teamed up with the Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists to provide a comprehensive range of professional accountancy and tax services to members at discounted rates!
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Welcome to QA Accounting for Beauty and Hair Professionals!


If you are a member of the Beauty Guild speak to our Team without delay to see how we can help you to save time, remove the stress of managing the financial side of your business, and ensure you are compliant.

Whether you are a Beauty Therapist, Hairdresser or Barber, Nail Technician, or Holistic Therapist, servicing your clients effectively is what you are good at!  But when it comes to managing finances, many therapists can find the process a little stressful.

Relax, QA in partnership with the Beauty Guild are here to help you. And Beauty Guild members enjoy a significant discount of 10% off our market rates!


Elevate your financial peace of mind with our expert accountancy and tax services, specially crafted for UK Beauty and Hair Professionals. Partnered with Beauty Guild, members enjoy a 10% discount. Let us simplify your finances!

What Accounting Services Do We Offer To Beauty Guild Members?


QAccounting are proud to offer specialist accountancy and tax services to beauty therapists, hairdressers and barbers, nail technicians, and holistic therapists across the UK.  We offer Beauty Guild members services specifically tailored to the size and nature of your business:



We provide unlimited advice and guidance to new start-ups that subscribe to our services, and we have written several useful guides in this area to help new beauty and hair professional businesses find their feet.

Unsure about the benefits and drawbacks of different legal structures and which may be the best one to use for your business?  Then give one of our friendly Accounting Team a call to discuss your requirements!

Self-Employed Sole Traders


A huge volume of beauty and hair professionals operate on a self-employed basis.  In fact, more members act on a self-employed basis than any other business structure.

This reflects the low cost and reduced administration burden of starting out on a self-employed basis.  But there are still very important areas that you are responsible for as a business owner, including:

  • Keeping proper books and records
  • Submitting a self-assessment personal tax return every tax year
  • Paying income tax and NIC on the business “profits”

Almost all self-employed businesses need to submit a self-assessment tax return each year. The rates we charge for self-assessment tax returns are market-leading, and together with the discount available to Beauty Guild members, you can make huge savings when compared to other providers.

So if you have never submitted a tax return or want to take advantage of the savings which your Beauty Guild membership provides, then give us a call!



Partnerships are very similar to Self-Employed Sole Traders from a tax perspective, and each partner has the same responsibilities with regard to keeping proper books and records, submitting a self-assessment personal tax return, and paying taxes.

In addition to this, partnerships must also submit a partnership tax return to HMRC each year.  Partnerships do not pay any tax, but this tax return is required for disclosure purposes to report the annual profits of the business and how these will be split between the partners.

This can all seem quite confusing initially, but we will be here to help you every step of the way!

Limited Companies


Limited companies are a little more expensive to set up and administer, but they can offer some significant tax advantages when compared to other legal structures!

Directors of limited companies also have additional responsibilities when compared to other business structures, and they need to submit company financial statements and tax returns to Companies House and HMRC every year. Your company may also employ other staff for which you need to manage the payroll.  And depending on the sales you make each year, you may also have to account for VAT.  But don’t let this alarm you!

QAccounting has been helping limited company business owners for over two decades, and all our staff are fully trained to help you.

All Clients


Irrespective of the structure of your business or the scope of services required, we can offer a service that is specially tailored to you, including:

  • Dedicated accountant and account manager
  • Accountants experienced in the beauty and hair professional industry
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Latest technological solutions with Xero

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What Are The Benefits Of Using Beauty and Hair Professional Accounting Services at QAccounting?

Freelancer Accounting Services


The fees we charge our clients are market-leading. Taken together with the additional discount from being a Beauty Guild member and you will save money by using our services.

We are also always available to provide value-adding advice and guidance to save your business money.


As a beauty and hair professional, you’re probably pretty busy. There are no 9-5 hours for a self-employed business owner. And no professional wants to turn down jobs because they’re going over their business finances.

Unfortunately, many beauty and hair professionals let their tax and accounting duties eat into their downtime rather than waste precious billable hours going over their books. Let QAccounting help you to save some of this time!

Accountants for Freelancers


Is there a worse feeling than knowing your tax and accounting affairs aren’t in order, but not knowing the best route to get them straight?

Many beauty and hair professionals find themselves in this situation, as not everyone is a natural at things like bookkeeping and tax calculations. Luckily, QAccounting genuinely enjoys that stuff, so you’ll be free to do what you’re most good at – your trade.

Industry Expert Accountants


In the world of tax and accounting, compliance is a big deal.

Working with highly experienced tax and accounting experts is the way to go if you want to navigate the world of beauty and hair professional accounting without ending up on the wrong side of HMRC.


Irrespective of how careful and compliant you are, it is always possible to be subject to an HMRC enquiry. Tax Enquiry Insurance cover is therefore always worth considering which will cover the cost of experts to defend your legal case, working behind the scenes so you don’t lose any income due to missed work. Speak to QAccounting today about this low-cost insurance every self-employed beauty and hair professional should have.

accounting for startups

Growth & Support

You might not know the first thing about tax efficiency and business growth, but the top accounting professionals at QAccounting do. Get valuable advice on things like business expansion, raising finance, capital purchases, cash flow, profit and loss and much, much more, which will set your therapy business head and shoulders above the rest.



We are one of the industry’s leading specialist accounting providers. Thousands of beauty and hair professionals trust QAccounting. Join them today.



Our processes and practises are all fully compliant, we follow strict protocol and do our utmost to add benefit to our many clients.



We provide personalised quotes for your property business. Don’t pay for services you don’t need, and make sure you get value for your money!



We are an award-winning accountancy firm that has been supporting businesses like yours for over two decades.

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