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Are you claiming all your Business Expenses?

It is always beneficial for you to claim Business Expenses through your Company where applicable. Business Expenses submitted for your Company are tax deductable and subsequently reduce the amount of your Company’s Corporation Tax
HMRC rules state that expenses can be claimed provided they are “wholly and exclusively for the purposes of your business”
This means you can claim expenses such as:

  • business travel and accommodation, including mileage
  • meals and subsistence while away from home
  • postage, stationery, telephone calls,
  • child care
  • business entertainment.
  • Home office

Further information on the types of expenses that can be claimed together with the relevant claim forms can be found under Factsheets on your Contractor Portal which can be accessed via the following link https://portal.fwaccounting.com/Account/Login
If you require any further information on expenses, please do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager.