Contractor accounting with a difference

If you’re a Contractor then your accounting options are pretty limited. You either go with one of the big “volume” providers where you’ll simply be a number and never speak to the same person twice, or else you go with the small local accountant for a more “personal” service. The downside here is that the local accountant won’t have experience of the contracting sector, nor the technology to deliver you a seamless service that lets you get on with the job. With this option, you better get used to spreadsheets and Sage.

Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. That’s why we’ve built our business. We fit nicely between the two. Big enough to be able to invest in technology and employ staff who are experts in the contracting field. Small enough to still deliver a personal service. We offer our services based around two software solutions. One, based around our own Integra software system. This allows you to outsource most of the work, but still remain in control of your business. Our Contractor Portal goes live next week, a further enhancement of an already good service. Heck, due to our integration with several major banks, we can even tell you when you’ve been paid by your client!

The other is based around the Award-winning FreeAgent software. An online platform for the contractor that wants to do the book-keeping themselves. We don’t just leave you high & dry, however. You can choose support bundles for tax, accounting, vat etc. so that you’ve always got an expert on hand to keep you right. So, when it comes to choosing your contractor accounting services, there’s now another option. All the benefits of technology, delivered with our renowned good old-fashioned service. And at prices that will pleasantly surprise you.

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