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As a CIS Sub-Contractor who who works in the construction business, it is essential that you fully understand the Construction Industry Scheme, how you are taxed, and whether you may be able to to recover some of this tax by submitting a CIS Reclaim at the end of the Tax Year!
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CIS Reclaim Services for CIS Sub-Contractors

Our in-house accountants understand the Construction Industry Scheme and will work closely with you to determine whether any tax can be reclaimed, and where it is possible to submit a CIS reclaim on your behalf.

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Specialist Accountant

Hiring a specialist CIS accountant like us brings advantages and benefits to how you operate and makes your life significantly easier. We have a rich history in offering accounting services and tax advice, and over the years we have helped many construction workers.

Why Choose QAccounting as your CIS Accountant?


QAccounting provides self-assessment services for CIS subcontractors at very competitive prices. If you are CIS registered and due a tax reclaim, QAccounting charges a flat fee, unlike other providers who take a significant percentage of your refund in commission. We will normally prepare your return within 24 hours of receiving the information required to complete it.

Sub-Contractor CIS Reclaims

It is essential to understand if you are a sub-contractor that, because HMRC has collected taxes “at source” before you have deducted expenses, and without taking into account your annual tax-free personal allowance, in most cases, you will have paid too much tax!

To correct this, you have the option to submit a “CIS Reclaim” each year as part of your self-assessment tax return to reclaim any overpayments in tax.  This is done by recording the correct (after expenses) profit values for the tax year, the taxes already paid to HMRC at source under the scheme, and the correct tax code to calculate the value of tax you should have paid during the tax year, and therefore also any associated overpayments of tax.

HMRC will compare the figures on your tax return to the figures supplied to them by the CIS Contractor(s) for which you supplied services during the year.  And providing there are no discrepancies, then they will arrange to repay any overpayment tax to the sub-contractors.  This process can take many months.

As a specialist CIS Accountant, QAccounting offers self-assessment CIS reclaim services that fully comply with HMRC’s filing requirements!

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