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Following on from our recent introduction of Dividend Vouchers, we have now enhanced this service to our clients by providing a separate Dividend Voucher for each Dividend withdrawal.  This will aid the preparation of the Extract of Board Meeting Minutes – template available on the Portal under FAQ’s.
What if the details are incorrect?
To ensure that we have correctly classified withdrawals please review your monthly snapshot, which shows the amount of dividends withdrawn to the end of the previous month.  If this amount is incorrect, please advise us before the 20th monthly so that the required adjustments can be made prior to the production of the Dividend Vouchers.
Do I have to prepare an Extract of Board Meeting Minute?
It is a requirement that if you are withdrawing Dividends from your Company, that the relevant Meeting is documented.  HMRC can, at any time, ask for the relevant documentation.
What if I want to change the split of the Dividend payments?
Should you wish to change the Dividend split to alter the amount of dividends payable to a particular shareholder, please advise your Account Manager of this as soon as possible.