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IR35 Reform – The Changing Landscape

In recent years, the way that IR35 is administered has changed. In 2017, the responsibility for setting IR35 status was transferred from the contractor to the end-client in the public sector. This also means recruitment agencies now carry the IR35 liability when they are the party paying the contractor in the supply chain, which is often the case.

From April 2021, similar reform will be introduced in the private sector. This will see fee-paying agencies hold the IR35 liability again, despite not being the party tasked with making IR35 decisions. Therefore, it’s vital that agencies are in a position to contribute to accurate determinations.

With less than a year until IR35 reform is extended, many recruiters are wondering how they should prepare for changes. While we’re realistic about the challenges of IR35, we are confident we could provide access to assist you in getting ready for reform.

Cutting Through The Noise

As a result of recent and incoming IR35 reform, there has been a rise of misinformation spread by companies claiming to be specialists in this particular field. Having worked alongside IR35 experts at the forefront of IR35 since it was introduced nearly 20 years ago, you have access to genuine expertise in this complex area of tax.

Switching Accountants

IR35 Compliance Experts

Partnering with IR35 specialists, who have helped handle well over 1,500 IR35 enquiries at a tax saving of more than £35m. And over the years, they have developed a number of services to protect recruitment agencies from the threat that IR35 poses. We would be very interested in organising a call to get a better understanding of your specific needs.

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We're Here to Help

If you’d like to discuss IR35 with one of our partners, please leave your contact details and one of the team will be in touch. Your details are protected. For more information please read our privacy policy.

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