Joined UP Thinking – Guest Blog by Campbell Urquhart

It’s fair to say that some of the team at The Urquhart Partnership are very enthusiastic about social media, myself included.   So, as you will imagine, I am more than a little bit excited that Social Media Week (19th -23rd Sept) will soon be landing in Aberdeen!

During the week, events will be taking place around the world and, for the very first time, this will include an official SMW event in Aberdeen. Ooooooh! I hear you say…
Our fellow social media enthusiasts at Freelanceworld are kindly hosting a seminar on Friday 23rd of September in their funky new Creative Space.  We hope the event will be a brilliant and productive day of short seminar sessions and interactive discussions about social media for business.
To add to the growing excitement…
1. The seminar is FREE to attend! Even the smallest business should be able to afford that…
2. There will be FREE coffee and cakes provided as the event will be part of the Macmillan Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning. Admit it, you have to be excited about getting a free cake if nothing else. Obviously we would welcome any donations to a very worthwhile cause.
3. They are letting me speak at it….(ok, I appreciate that’s only exciting for me…)
4. Much more exciting – there are several fab guest speakers who will be sharing their thoughts on tweeting, blogging and all things social media.
Click here for some more information about the range of sessions taking place on the day and to register for the event itself.
I will be hosting the last seminar of the day about our “Joined UP Thinking…” and will be sharing the story of how we integrated much of our social media efforts while developing our brand new website ( I will also be sharing some of the direct and indirect benefits our business has gained as a result of our social media activities, and will provide an overview of we achieved this.
So whether you are a linkedin novice, twitter-holic, wannabe blogger or simply want to know how social media can benefit your business, then get yourself booked on.
You can also join in the discussion virtually by using the twitter hashtag: #SMWAbz

Campbell Urquhart
Managing Director
The Urquhart Partnership Ltd
PS – if you have no idea what a hashtag is, you SOOOOO need to attend …

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