Musings of a rambling service monkey

Service What do you do when you have experienced amazing service –
Tell your friends?
Shout it from the roof tops?
Write a review online?
Let the company know personally that you have loved the service?
I personally stick it on Twitter or Facebook!
This week I have been loving… My new iPad… Thank you Alasdair McGill
The effects of my Brazilian blow dry… A hair treatment, and not the kind you are thinking guys!
And my newfound love of quorn! Despite not being a Veggie!

The current climate of service is that people hear about every great service experience but also they hear about every BAD experience too! At Freelance World we pride ourselves in providing the best service possible whenever we can and we LOVE the great feedback when we get it right! However we also really appreciate honest feedback of all kinds and are not afraid to change our services based on this feedback.
The best constructive feedback we’ve had is from an on-the-ball entrepreneur who said, ‘Never assume! Sometimes we might know what you’re talking about but always, always assume that we don’t!’ What an obvious but essential point!
We have kept this advice in mind for all clients ever since – what if they don’t know who HMRC are? What if they don’t know what book keeping is? And in these instances… is there another way of explaining it – can a pie chart be used to better explain profit and loss? (that’s one of our future plans for all reporting). Would a person (face, hand, animation, and voice) in a VIDEO explain book keeping better than a written list?
I always ask,” Would I understand this if I hadn’t written it?” If the answer’s no, then it needs a re-think.
Of course there are complicated situations (especially in our world of accountancy and tax!) where there’s no simple answer but if it requires extra learning on the client’s behalf it adds another string to their business bow and sometimes they will thank you more for giving them the opportunity to learn, and become a more rounded business person, rather than spoon feeding them.
Just as in every aspect of life; everyone is different. Those differences should be embraced! Shaping your business around your client is not the future – it’s the current! So get swept away by this current as it will help your clients’ businesses and definitely, DEFINITELY help yours!

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