Personal Tax – Payment on Account Reminder

If your personal tax for Self Assessment in January was more than £1,000, HMRC require that you make your second payment on account by 31st July 2014 as they require you make two payments within the year. The first is paid in January and the second by 31st July 2014. A payment on account equals one half of the previous year’s tax liability.
You can find details of these amounts on your personal tax computation saved on the client portal.  Please check the amount as detailed on the computation, to ensure when making payment, the correct payment amount is made. 
Payment can be made by cheque, bank transfer or using the following link:

  •          Click pay now
  •          Click pay under self assessment
  •          Enter your unique tax reference number (10 digits) and the amount to be paid and the remainder of your details

Should you have any queries regarding your personal tax return, please contact the Account Support Team in the first instance.