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If you’re looking for Qdos Accounting, then you’re in the right place! We’ve recently rebranded to QAccounting, but we still offer the same high-quality services and packages as before!

Who is QAccounting?


QAccounting is an established, leading contractor accountancy that provides an innovative range of services tailor-made for independent workers.

Under our previous name, Qdos Accounting, we worked closely alongside Qdos Contractor who worked at the forefront of contractor services for more than thirty years. Now, with a growing community of contractor clients and a growing portfolio of agency relationships, we are recognised as sector specialists with an in-depth understanding of the rapidly changing tax and employment landscape.

Why change our name?

Until 2019, our name was Qdos Accounting, and we worked with Qdos Contractor very closely, providing client accounts and business insurances for a decade. Following a re-brand and re-fresh to our service offering and website, we thought it was the right time to change our name to QAccounting, something we had been planning for some time. It’s a small change to our name, but it represents a new future and our commitment to contributing to the success of the independent workforce that we look after.

What are our credentials?


We are people who absolutely believe in delivering exceptional accountancy and tax services. We still have the same close working relationship with Qdos Contractor, who have defended more than 1,500 contractors from IR35 enquiries and saved independent workers over £35m in tax.

As a team, we think and act as part of the contractor community. We are dynamic and entrepreneurial, able to develop solutions to potential obstacles put in the path of contractors and the companies that engage them.

Why we can be trusted?


Investment in technology and our culture are key to the way have evolved. We take the long view and have developed unique accountancy software that offers contractors peace of mind and protection.

It is a time of huge change for freelancers and contractors, and we are absolutely committed to our promise to always work at the forefront of innovation, compliance and to help independent workers achieve success – all values that the business was founded on.

What is our relationship with Qdos Contractor?

We continue to partner with Qdos Contractor as a provider of specialist IR35 services to independent professionals and recruitment agencies. As part of our commitment to delivering an integrated package of services, we work as successfully as ever with our old colleagues and friends to ensure we bring to QAccounting industry-leading products.