Year End Accounts & Personal Tax Outstanding Information!

We are currently busying away preparing your company’s 2013/14 Year End Accounts (if your company’s yearend is 5th April) and Personal Tax Returns. In some cases, we haven’t received all the necessary information required to complete these, such as checklists and supporting information, for example bank statements and credit card statements.

Please remember that these are 2 separate returns; it is your duty as a Company Director to ensure you have declared everything for the business and yourself as the individual. Companies House & HMRC levy penalties for late submission of Accounts and Personal Tax Returns, penalties that will only increase with further time lapses. Those penalties will lie with you as Director of your Limited Company if as a result of failure to provide the necessary and requested information in a timely manner.
We regularly send reminder requests asking for the relevant documents to be returned and we ask that when you receive these, please give them your immediate attention and provide us with the information requested.

If you haven’t already done so, we ask that you please provide us with any outstanding information as soon as possible. Your co-operation in this matter is very much appreciated.