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Operating through a limited company can be a cost-effective and tax-efficient way of working, and for contractors and freelancers, can be a highly rewarding format. The first port of call for all prospective contractors is setting up a company, and most contractors are unaware of the process and steps involved in setting up a limited company.


How to Get
Set Up

Here at QAccounting, we assist first time contractors in setting up Limited Companies every day and strive to ensure that the process is swift and seamless as well as providing knowledge of how best to get things started.

Setting up a limited company is one of the most important parts of beginning your contracting journey, so we want to ensure that this process is enjoyable and manageable for you.

From naming your company to deciding on how best to structure your business, our in-house staff will be able to showcase your most tax-efficient options.

What to Consider

5 Tips to 
Setting Up a 
LTD Company

Pro-Active Accountants

How Can We

QAccounting provides a complete Ltd Company set up bundle as part of any of our accounting packages. This includes everything from initial guidance surrounding company structure, submission via Companies House, and issuing of all relevant documentation, and means that you can be safe in the knowledge that your company is being set up correctly.

We aim to support you throughout the entire process of setting up a limited company as a contractor, and we can have your company set up and sorted within 24 hours of sign up.

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If you are on the fence and want to know more about setting up a Ltd Company, download our Going Ltd Guide today.

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