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Bespoke industry-leading insurance for SME businesses. From tax enquiry cover to professional indemnity insurance, the SME business insurance policies we offer give peace of mind and protection. Please give us a call or complete the Contact Us form and we will generate an insurance quote quickly and easily on your behalf!

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Professional Indemnity Insurance (PI Insurance) is one of the most common forms of business insurance taken out by SME businesses. The policy covers you should a claim be made against your limited company as a result of negligence, error or omission which causes financial loss for a client. This policy covers the cost of legal defence and liability costs should a claim of this nature be made.

Public Liability Insurance (PL Insurance) provides cover for SME businesses should the services you carry out cause physical injury or property damage to a third party that results in legal action being made against you. Public Liability Insurance covers the defence costs of a claim as well as any potential liabilities.

Employers Liability Insurance (EL Insurance) alongside Public Liability Insurance. For businesses that have one or more employees, Employers Liability is mandatory. The policy provides cover should an employee seek to bring a claim against the policyholder for injury or death caused by the services they were employed to carry out. The policy is designed to cover the cost of defence and any potential damages.

Tax Enquiry Insurance is a vital SME business insurance policy that provides expert defence from Qdos Contractor in a wide range of HMRC enquiries. The policy provides representation costs up to £50,000 in the event of the following:

  • A PAYE compliance review
  • An IR35 dispute
  • A VAT dispute
  • A Section 660A dispute
  • A number of other enquiries into the policyholder’s tax returns
  • Cases to Commissioners’ Hearing/Tax Tribunal if required (subject to prospects of success)
  • Previous tax years covered

Please note that the insurance is offered on a claims-made basis.

Jury Service and Legal Protection insurance is a very popular form of insurance. Because business owners do not benefit from employment benefits, including paid jury service, our partners Qdos Contractor have designed a solution with you in mind. This policy covers the loss of contract income as a result of being called for jury duty and up to £50,000 in legal expenses for a variety of disputes, including:

  • Contract disputes
  • Debt recovery
  • Property disputes
  • Personal injury
  • Employment disputes
  • Criminal prosecutions
  • Wrongful arrest defence
  • Health & Safety prosecutions

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Anyone who operates via an SME business has duties and responsibilities that differ from a professional working PAYE via a direct employer. Day to day benefits such as sick pay, death in service and bereavement allowance are standard for most employees, but these advantages are lost for self-employed individuals. Having insurance in place provides financial protection should any unfortunate outcome occur, and grants the policyholder peace of mind that their company is safe should these unlikely events take place.

Often professional insurances are stipulated as a requirement in order to start work on a contract. The most common mandatory insurance policies are Professional Indemnity, Public & Employers Liability Insurance.

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