Spotlight on… Juliebee

You already know that at Freelance World we believe we’re a little different, and one of those differences is that we genuinely enjoy spending time finding out about our clients’ goals, ambitions and concerns.
We’ve got fabulous clients who work in a vast range of industries and sectors from chocolatiers to web developers, artists to drilling engineers, personal trainers to photographers, and we thought you might like to find out about some of our clients too, so you are witnessing the birth of our new “spotlight on….”
Today’s spotlight is trained on Julie Broadfoot or, as most people know her, Juliebee. Julie is a self-employed photographer and writer, based in Glasgow. Julie’s been self-employed for over a year now, having previously worked for the BBC over a decade.
Julie’s not one to rush into things and the decision to become self-employed wasn’t easy but in this relatively short period she’s already been nominated for  Event Photographer of the Year and listed as one of The Drum magazine’s Top 100 Freelancers so we think she made the right decision!
We first “met” Julie on Twitter (@juliebee) and, like us, she’s been recommended for and picked up a considerable amount of her recent work via twitter. She’s also got an opinion on, or connection to, most subjects so you could do worse than join the 2200 other tweeps following Julie!
Julie will usually concentrate on shooting 4 types of subject, live music; events; pets and parties! We think (although she might not admit it) that her personal preference is pets. Recent jobs have included shooting the “royal” meerkats Kate and Wills at St Andrews Aquarium, and spending a day in a field full of dogs, taking pictures for Glasgow Vet School. She feels at home in a dark photo pit surrounded by an excited crowd at gigs; this year’s musical highlights for Julie included Celtic Connections and X-Factor.
It may seem strange but Julie herself is not comfortable unless she’s behind the lens (there are very few photos in circulation of Ms Bee) but because of this she understands how awkward it can be having your photo taken and her reassuring manner – and photography skills! – will quickly put you at ease as her many client testimonials underline.
Of course Julie doesn’t just take the photos, she’ll write about them (and other stuff!) too. If you’d like more info on her way with words check out her website
This week her main and only focus was preparing for her first public exhibition. She was nervous about it but the launch party went without a hitch, feedback from the invited guests and press was superb and she even made a few sales on the night! Of course if you don’t live in Glasgow you may not be able to see the exhibition, in which case you’ll be interested to know that the photos can be viewed and purchased online
Just one last thing, do you want the next spotlight to fall on you? If so let us know and we’ll be delighted to let others know.

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