Submission of Timesheets and Expenses

Currently when you submit your timesheet to from your preferred e-mail address, our automated processing system will recognise you by this address and allocates your timesheet/expenses to your Company for processing in a timely manner. If however you submit from a different address, our system does not recognise this and a manual intervention is required which can result in a delay in the processing of your invoice.
At FWA we are continually looking for ways to improve our processes for our clients and with this in mind, we have implemented a second preferred e-mail address as standard. This means that your timesheet/expenses will be automatically recognised & processed against your Company should you choose to submit from either of these two preferred email addresses.
Please note that should you submit your timesheet from any other email address; you will receive an automated email bounce back advising that your timesheet/expenses have been returned unprocessed and you will be required to resubmit from either of your two preferred email addresses.
It is therefore really important that you notify your Account Manager of your two preferred e-mail addresses so we can ensure our records are up to date.

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