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Tax Exposure

Tax Liability

Our IR35 Tax Liability Calculator is an easy to use tool to aid you in calculating the potential tax exposure you would be subject to in the unfortunate event that you are caught by IR35.

Understand The Risks

What Is My
Tax Liability?

Any contractor that is actively trading outside IR35 will have a potential tax liability should HMRC ever launch an investigation into their Ltd Company and deem them inside IR35. An IR35 enquiry can be very costly with HMRC’s reach going back up to 6 years into a company’s trading activity.

With tax implications as well as potential fines and penalties, it is important for anyone operating via a PSC to understand their tax exposure and to calculate their tax liability.


IR35 is something that all contractors should have an understanding of and is something that everyone affected should be protecting themselves against. The implications of IR35 can be sever, so putting due-diligence in place is vital in both operating compliantly, and building a case in the event of an HMRC inspection.

We offer guidance on IR35, as well as contract assessments and defence cover as part of our Assured IR35 & Assured Plus packages.