TWITS! But are they?…..

What’s this twittering all about? Many of our clients, Networking Buddies and friends of Freelance World often ask us. Isn’t it just people broadcasting what they had for breakfast? Too right, they sound like a bunch of Twits! Ho ho ho….

But are they Twits? Those ‘twits’ often have direct access to speak to their prime audience. Imagine if you sold a product to help people stop smoking, it might be the best product in the world, and you might have an all singing- all dancing website – but who’s going to see it? People you meet at Networking events who you hand your business card to? – or you might pay Google to get your name further up the list in a search? (after all who ever searches as far as page 2 on a Google Search – not I)

What percentage of them needs to stop/know someone who does? How many will go to the website…
With one Twitter search you can find all the people that day who have talked about smoking, or stopping smoking, and you can keep this search so that every time someone speaks about this topic you get an alert – this alert might as well say:
‘Hi! I’m your ideal client – come say hi to me – I have already expressed my need for your services!’
Are you getting a lot of people coming in off the street saying that to you? (….didn’t think so)
Now, this is not an excuse for you to go in all guns blazing and start shouting at them why they need your services, you wouldn’t do that at a Networking event/meeting/or social engagement. Do you ever see people come into a room and shout out: WE HAVE A SPECIAL OFFER ON JUST NOW!!!
No no no… there is Twetiquette – socially acceptable norms and values for Twitter users, and these are just like when you would make friends with anyone:
You say hello,
You find out what you have in common (oh…they also like that obscure band that my husband/sister/friend slag me off for liking)
You engage in conversation – albeit in snippets of 140 characters.
The more you find out about your new pals – your ‘Tweeps’ – the more you realise that they are a massive forum of people that you can help, and that can help you, only this week I tweeted – ‘I need to get 20 pages printed onto professional card today! It’s a Saturday! Help Tweeps!’
5 responses with helpful advice ensued.
So if you are wondering….
‘how can I have access to hundreds, nay thousands of my business’s perfect audience?’
‘am I missing a trick with social media for business but I just don’t know where to start?’

Do you not have a clue what a ‘DM’ a ‘Retweet’ or a ‘Tweep’ is? Are you afraid of appearing a ‘twit’?

Then our series of 4 twitter courses could be the answer you are looking for!
After all, this is no longer the future, it’s the current – get swept away by it! You never know what the next one might be!

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