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Having the advantage of employer pension contributions is a perk that self-employed contractors do not benefit from. Being the Director of a Ltd Company means that the responsibility of getting your pension pot topped up lies on you and you alone.

Setting up pension contributions via your Ltd Company means that you do not miss out on these all important investments towards your future.

Making financial contributions via a pension also helps reduce your corporation tax bill. How? The funds you invest into a company pension pot are not subject to corporation tax, meaning that the funds are set aside for your future before the taxman gets a hold of it.

Company investments are common for Ltd Company contractors and are a great way of making the most of the income that you receive.

Like a company pension, investment contributions are not subject to the same tax that your income would be if paid via salary or dividends.

As contractors do not benefit from employment rights, perks such as death in service are not an option on temporary contracts. Instead it is the duty of the company Director to put this level of cover in place.

Life insurance not only protects your household income should accidental death occur, but it is also a cost effective way of utilising your income before tax.

Being self-employed means that you are not protected by any employer benefits, and sick pay/income protection is one of those benefits.

Insurances such as critical illness cover and income protection are highly common among Ltd Company contractors as should a contractor not be able to work as a result of sickness or ill-health, they won’t get paid.

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