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Why use FW Accounting?

Why should you use us as your Accountant? Rather than hear it from us, have a look at what our clients say:
According to them, here are the five main reasons for loving us:
1. Technology
We make their lives much easier and save them loads of time by giving them access to the latest technology. They have a choice of online systems so that they can always remain on top of their business. Contractor clients have 24 hour, real-time access to their records from wherever in the world they happen to be, which is handy if they are out on an oil platform somewhere.
2. Customer Service
Our clients like having an Account Manager to explain what’s what, take them through the minefield of registering their business and setting it up, and answer any questions without bamboozling them with jargon.
3. Fixed Fees
They like knowing exactly how much they have to pay each month and what they can expect for their money – it helps them plan.
4. Accessibility
Not everyone likes the telephone; some people prefer email, twitter or facebook. Our clients can contact us whichever way they like, and we will answer in plain English.
5. Proactivity
Finally, our clients love the way we go the extra mile, getting to know them so that we can suggest ways of improving the way they do business.