Year End Accounts & Personal Tax Returns – Have you returned your checklists & supporting information?

We are currently working on preparing your (5th April) Year End Accounts and 13/14 Personal Tax Returns and in some cases, we haven’t received all the necessary information required to enable us to complete these, such as checklists and supporting information.
Please respond to the regular reminders we send requesting these.  Once we receive this information, we can prepare your Accounts and Personal Tax return and email them to you for review.   If you haven’t already done so, please provide us with any outstanding information as soon as possible.
Companies House & HMRC levy penalties for late submission of Personal Tax Returns and Company Accounts, which will only increase with further time lapses.  Those penalties will lie with you as Director of your Limited Company if you haven’t provided us with the requested information.
Remember; it is your duty as a Company Director to ensure you have declared everything of your own income regarding Personal Tax and should you have a payment to make, you are responsible for payment of Personal Tax by the due deadline.  

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