Getting the Service You Deserve

Great service is the key to a great accountant

To get the best service on offer from your accountant, you have to dance the tango. What we mean by that is you both have to be reciprocal and responsive, as with any relationship, be it personal or business.

With so many accountancy firms on the scene these days, what really sets them apart usually comes down to service. But how can they provide you a great service if you don’t answer their queries or ignore their phone calls? They will inevitably stop trying and focus on clients they can help, just as you would stop calling a friend for a beer if they always seemed to have an excuse up their sleeve. There should be regular communication between you and your accountant so, equally, if your accountant is not contacting you regularly, it is probably time to move on.

Traditional accountancy firms would contact you now and again to retrieve financial information and prepare your accounts and taxes whilst draining your bank account with their hefty fees. Times have changed and business is now all about service. Yes your accountant should be accurate with numbers and be able to find you the most tax efficient manner of operating whilst remaining within the law and compliant with relevant legislations…

But an accountant should also be:

  • Understanding of your business and goals
  • Pro-active in taking an interest in your business and offering advice where possible
  • Contactable through various means and different times to suit you
  • Simple in speech so you don’t leave a jargon-filled conversation wondering what on earth they were talking about
  • Able and wanting to help you grow your business by offering advice on finance, business strategy and so on.

Without all of the above, you would not be gaining the full value of having an accountant such as QAccounting on board. However, a relationship is a two-way street, and as such there are certain qualities your accountant will expect, or certainly appreciate, from you.

What an accountant expects from the client:

  • Keep good records so your accountant needs less time to work through them which will in turn cost you less in accountancy fees and give them more time to provide extra services like those mentioned above.
  • Answer queries and in a timely manner so that your accountant can fulfil their services to the best that they can.
  • Be honest about your transactions and level of knowledge. If you are unsure about something, please just ask. If you don’t, then we won’t know that you need help and won’t be able to offer you a simple jargon-free explanation to put you at ease.

So the key to getting the best value and service out of your accountancy relationship is making a relationship. Find a good accountant who can offer you all of the above on top of the standard and provide them with what they need so they can deliver.

At QAccounting, we pride ourselves on our excellent service and believe in being understanding, pro-active, contactable, simple in speech and able and wanting to help you grow your business as standard practice for all of our clients. Contact us today to learn more about our accounting services or how to switch to QAccounting.

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