New Year, New Accountant

Switching to a New Accountant

With the hangover of New Year’s Eve now a faint and distant memory, you will have undoubtedly witnessed the barrage of social media posts pledging to get rich quick or lose weight fast. Promises all tagged with that tired old caption, ‘new year, new me’. Now don’t get me wrong, if any of the people releasing these posts were actually to make a million pounds or lose 10 lbs by Feb 1st then I’d happily apologise to each and every one of them, but chances are I won’t have to do that. Something that is far more likely and achievable however is switching to a new accountant.

Having a good accountant can be a very valuable commodity in attributing to the success and simplicity of running your business. All contractors would rather concentrate on completing and achieving success in their contracts as opposed to checking, re-checking and chasing their accountant. Any contractor feeling dissatisfied with their accounting provider should know that they are suffering needlessly. Transferring contractor accounts from one accountant to another is not uncommon, and if you are feeling disillusioned with your accountant, then switching your accountancy provider is a new year’s resolution you can easily make come true.

New year sparkler

We have an in-house switching team dedicated to making the process of switching to us simple, swift and seamless, meaning that you needn’t worry about the admin and backache of transferring your accounts to us. If you want to make your first new year’s resolution come true, then give our team a call or email us directly. Make 2019 your company’s year.

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