Becoming Your Own Salesperson

Whatever your speciality, when you become a contractor or freelancer, the biggest challenge is generating business for yourself. Contractors are excellent at what they do, but many have never done marketing, PR or sales before, and now suddenly, it’s time to be outstanding at it.

This can be a little overwhelming for some and can cause a lot of stress, but don’t panic, generating business doesn’t have to be a grey cloud over your head, think of more as an exciting project.

Here are some pointers to get you started:

1. Get acquainted with social media

The world is your potential client when it comes to social media, and with it you have access to thousands upon thousands of people who may need your services, so get active. You may just wish to use social media as a way to follow up with people you have met or retain customers, but it can also be used to interact with potential clients and build relationships with people who might know a potential client for you as well as showing the world how great you are at your job. Consider the best resources for you and have a structured plan when taking on social media, as it can take time to develop and not all avenues may work well for your business.

2. Get out there and get networking

Meeting new people is the key to success, and networking is a great way to do it. Part of your networking strategy will no doubt be taken online but don’t forget to network in person as well. There are often networking events especially for contractors or you could attend seminars and industry expos or join networking groups such as Connect925 or Chamber of Commerce. Take professional business cards and be yourself, ensuring you do not just talk about yourself but ask questions. Other business people may not necessarily become clients but they may have helpful advice or resources so never underestimate someone’s worth to your business.

3. Don’t be afraid to make direct contact

Find companies or clients who you may be able to help and don’t be shy in offering your services to them: write letters, phone, use social media to connect and so on. There is no harm in getting in touch with potential clients, be yourself and show them you are excited about their business.

Developing your business can be time consuming and hard work but it can also be fun and exciting and most definitely rewarding.

As a specialist contractor accountant, our services can help you. If you want to learn more, please get in touch.

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