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IR35 Contractor Assessments

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IR35 Contractor Assessments

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What is an IR35 Contract Assessment?

One of the in-house IR35 specialists at our IR35 partners will carry out a thorough clause-by-clause analysis of the written terms and conditions of your contract, before advising on whether they believe it to be ‘inside’ or ‘outside’ the scope of the legislation.

If, for example, your contract is considered ‘inside’ IR35, they will suggest specific amendments that if altered, would change the outcome of the assessment. However, these changes must also then be reflected in your actual working practices, when your engagement starts.

Why Does It Matter?

IR35 contract assessments are a powerful tool in an IR35 enquiry, demonstrating to HMRC that you have taken steps to determine your status accurately. Because IR35 is such a complex tax, it also reduces the risk of you breaking the rules.

In having your contract professionally reviewed, you also begin to build a stronger case for operating outside IR35. Should you ever be subject to an IR35 investigation, the opinion of an independent expert certainly helps.

IR35 Contract Reviews

Unlimited IR35 Assessments

Clients on our contractor accounting packages can have access to an annual IR35 contract assessment by our specialist partners, which you are encouraged to utilise before entering a new contract. If you are interested in an independent IR35 assessment, please get in touch and to have your contract assessed for a small fee.

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