What is it?

IR35Buddy© is a free online portal for genuinely self-employed contractors to help them evidence their IR35 status. What sets IR35Buddy© apart from other contractor portals and websites is their unique ‘Buddies’ who give you access to a full range of resources, tools and information which can help you test, plan and certify your compliance with IR35 legislation as well as keep you in contract and up-to-date on your industry knowledge all under one roof!

Starting your journey with Business Entity Test Buddy you can assess your risk level on HMRC’s Business Entity Test (BET). Using your results you can look to see where there are genuine business needs for other products and services which could in turn improve your score on the BET. If you are able to prove a Low Risk score HMRC would close an investigation in to your accounts.

Substitution Buddy, Advertising Buddy, Premises Buddy and Contracts Buddy are the first of their kind for the contractor market and are fantastic tools for any and all contractors. From the Substitution Network where you can search, choose, contract and actually substitute with other appropriately experienced contractors to Premises Buddy where you can enter in to a letting contract with access to 100’s of national workspaces.

Although the BET is a useful tool for contractors to self-assess their status, it is not definitive in determining IR35 status and there are many aspects to the legislation which are not all encompassed within the BET which is where Passport Buddy can help. Passport Buddy provides you with a comprehensive review of your IR35 status, carried out by leading industry experts Qdos. This gives you what you need to support your case to HMRC in the event of an enquiry including professional representation to fight your case.

It’s important to know who to go to for expert advice, where and when your next contract is coming from and how to stay on top of industry news all of which is brought to you by: Limited Services Buddy; Jobs Buddy; Press Buddy and Library Buddy. For more information contact us today.