Prospering Career Opportunities for Contractors in the UK 2013?

…it would seem so…

A recent report from REC (the Recruitment and Employment Confederation) is a positive boost for contractors working in IT, engineering and other technical fields. The study shows that contractors in these areas are going to be in shorter supply and higher demand in 2013.

The short supply seems mostly to be down to a skill shortage in technical areas. Employers surveyed by REC stated that they envisage the number of contractors used increasing in 2013.

Oil and Gas Contractors – Good News

There is further good news for energy contractors from NOF Energy, who have outlined that the oil & gas industry are twice as likely to offer work to contractors in 2013 (compared to the renewable market). NOF’s 420 dominant members, containing the UK’s leading energy businesses, were surveyed. 78% believe that Oil and Gas will remain dominant over its renewable and nuclear counterparts in 2013.

George Rafferty, Chief Executive of NOF Energy, said:

“Oil & gas will continue to hold much potential for the supply chain for several decades and as a result of our activities, our members are fully aware of the opportunities available both in the UK and around the world.”

Skills shortage in the energy sector

George added:

“While there is optimism about the growing opportunities in the energy sector there is the very real challenge of meeting the skills requirements of the industry. Many are investing in apprenticeships for the long-term, but in the near future employers need to look outside their sectors to find suitable candidates. This is why we have introduced Military2Energy, which will help companies take advantage of the thousands of military personnel leaving the armed forces that have transferable skills and competencies that can be honed for careers in the energy sector.”

IT Contractors – Good News

Gartner, providers of Technology research, have outlined the key trends and technologies, which IT Contractors can look out for in 2013.

A continuing trend in the popularity of smart phones and tablet devices mean that mobile internet browsing is to become the key mode of surfing the internet, overtaking traditional desktop based browsing. Skills in app development will become more sought after as a result. states that there have been ‘learned lessons’ by companies who have previously disengaged contractors in between projects, as they saw their competitors overtake them with technological advances such as new products and services, which were developed during the downturn.

They identify that a small increase of required IT contractors is likely in the UK, unless there is a ‘game changer’, for instance banks tightening up and updating their IT systems to meet client demand. have also identified that the current trend of ‘On shoring’ might continue through the UK with businesses bringing their back end IT requirements in house.

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