The importance of having a ‘local’ Accountant

These days I am constantly musing about what the word ‘local’ really means when it comes to business.

Social Media

People I ‘speak’ to on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter seem local as they are in my life on a daily basis – and I certainly don’t have to travel very far to speak to them. People I speak to on the phone and over email certainly feel local.

Personally I am a huge supporter of sourcing local produce whenever I can – I’m lucky I like fish and meat, and am very ’local’ to Aberdeen Harbour and Aberdeen Angus cows… Some people are so proud of ‘local’ that they want to create their own exclusive local currency – look at the Bristol Pound, with the intention of keeping trade local.

Local Accountants

At QAccounting we have offices in Aberdeen and Glasgow, but service clients all over the UK, and in fact all over the world due to our international clients. Some local clients visit us often, some we never see. Some clients we hear from on the phone or email every week (some ever more often). The most important thing to us is that they know that no matter how big or small their query, there is someone at the end of the phone or email ready to help them.

Trust and Understanding

In terms of providing a top notch Accountancy service for Contractors and Freelancers, this can most definitely be done these days by email and phone contact.

Traditionally, people meeting with their Accountant, would be nervous – would wear a suit, and unfortunately, due to Accountancy jargon, could be overwhelmed when they come out of a meeting. However, traditional or not, a good Accountant will always ensure that they tick the following boxes:

  • They are working in your best interests – telling you what you can and cannot claim as business expenses.
  • They are providing you with proactive service, making sure you are aware of deadlines and requirements well in advance.
  • They will make sure that you understand the advice they are giving you and how to implement it.
  • That you are safe in the knowledge that they are taking care of things for you.

Getting the Advice you want (and need)

It’s for this reason that we have Account Managers in place – a dedicated point of contact available over phone and email with unlimited help – no question is too big or too small. Our clients can have a full understanding of their accounts, their finances and their business.

A client who joined us recently cited that he could never get hold of somebody at his previous Accountant, which provided endless amounts of stress not knowing when he would get the answer he needed.

At a networking event last night, I was speaking to a chap about his accountant, last year he said to her ‘I’m hoping you can help me save some money by telling me what kind of expenses I can claim’ – her retort was ‘what kind of thing are you thinking of?’….

Your Accountant is looking after your livelihood – whether you are meeting with them in real life, or talking with them virtually– they should be giving you the advice you need, and it should be given willingly. If you want to learn more about our accounting services or are looking to switch accountants, contact one of our experts today.

QAccounting. You Count. We Count.

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