Your timesheet is cash

The unpredictability of getting paid:

If you are a contractor or a freelancer, or if you are thinking about going it alone, read on. Your life could be about to get easier.

The biggest obstacle on the road to self-employment is often the thought of going for several weeks without getting paid. The idea of having an income-free month, or even two, can be a major worry.

Even established freelancers and contractors can struggle with the unpredictability of getting paid. Clients don’t always pay up when you want them to but your bills still arrive with the same regularity.

Timesheet Finance:

Well, you can stop fretting. These are precisely the reasons for the launch of UC Finance, the only company in the UK to offer Timesheet Finance.

Working with thousands of contractors throughout the UK, UC Finance spotted a growing need to offer contractors quick and easy finance arrangements against their timesheet where a contract is already in place.

Contractors can convert a monthly income to a weekly income simply and quickly, smoothing out those irregularities and giving you the predictability that you need.

Despite this being a brand new service, it’s all pretty straightforward. All you need to do is send in your timesheet every week and UC Finance do the rest. They send 80% of the value of your timesheet straight into your bank account. Your approved timesheet is a vehicle that demonstrates the debt exists – by sending you the cash for it they simply purchase the right to receive payment.

So wave goodbye to scary and inflexible overdrafts and loans. This way you are only ever using your own money to pay your bills.

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