IR35 Enquiries on the Increase = Need for Increased Protection

IR35, despite being a very important topic, is one rife with misinterpretation and miscommunication.

QAccounting understand the genuine concern that IR35 is for contractors, and because of this have teamed up with our partners Qdos Contractor in providing the best in both protection and guidance for our clients.

Talking about the recent rise in HMRC activity regarding IR35, Qdos reiterate the increased risk of crossing the boundaries of working ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ IR35.

“We have had several new enquiries into our clients over the past few months, we’ve had IR35 letters within the past few weeks and we’ve had conversation with a number of worried accountants whose clients have received similar letters.”

Qdos has an outstanding record in regards to IR35, having successfully defended over 1,300 contractors in IR35 cases, and we believe that our partnership can ensure our clients the best protection against any IR35 issues or investigations.  As a result of this, we at QAccounting have worked closely with Qdos Contractor to bring you the latest guidance, tools and protection to ensure professional compliance and company stability.

Please visit our unique IR35 defence zone to see how you can protect yourself against IR35 today. Contact us to learn more about our IR35 accountancy services.